Monday, October 02, 2006

Violence in Schools (news, values)

I am from Denver, CO, which was the scene of one America's most infamous school shootings, Columbine. While I did not live close to Littleton (suburb of Denver), it still impacted me greatly and made me wonder why some kids cannot cope with the stress of high school. Everyone has bad days when their girlfriend leaves them, flunks a pop quiz, forgets that their zipper is down while delivering a book report, etc. YOU GET OVER IT. There is no need to kill innocent people because your Dad forgot to hug you.

But now, there seems to be another cycle of school shootings, and this time around its not just students that are the gunmen.

Last week there was another deadly school shooting Bailey, CO, a community just south of Denver, in which an older man took girls hostage in a classroom before killing one female student and himself.

A school principal was gunned down in Cazenovia, Wisconsin by a 15 year old who was upset about getting sent to the principle's office.

Today, a school in Las Vegas was on lockdown after people reported seeing a male student with a handgun roaming the halls. In Pennsylvania, there was a shooting spree in an Amish schoolhouse that has already left 6 people dead.


Blogger Gizem said...

yeah this is awful. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was to have lock down drills in middle school but its unfortunate and apparent now that these precautionary drills could someday be lifesavers!

5:47 PM  
Blogger toddo said...

for me the issue highlights humiliation and bullying, of which I was a victim for a while before I discovered people left me alone if I was funny. I dont excuse these murderous, ultra-violent temper tantrums, but the cause should be looked at as well: so many of these shootings are the response of powerless boys to the constant humiliation that some face in middle and high school--the one kid this week had students "rubbing on him" which is basically prosecutable as sexual assault in any adult area of life, and must have been pretty humiliating in front of his peers. administrators need to identify and protect the "different" kids whose differences from the norm draw a lot of attention, and schools also need to crack down hard on cruelty in the halls. Most bullied kids have no recourse or protection--no where else in life are people allowed to assault each other without consequence only in high school, and it often has to do with masculinity (so-called tough kids wanting to prove it, and less macho kids providing the medium for that performance). If you are different from the norm, once you have lived through high school, life gets much better--if someone hits or terrorizes you, they can be charged by the police and no one thinks anything of it. But in highschool, there is often no protection, and "telling" is the worst option of all....

9:21 AM  
Blogger pagamble said...

school shootings have been an unnecesary evil for too long now. I've never gone to a school where I ever felt I had to worry but than i wonder, did the students in the Amish school worry, or even Columbine? It's definately something that I wish we could do more to stop

10:36 AM  
Blogger Mariska said...

I understand your point on getting over it. High School can be quite traumatising for some. Ive seen some ki.ds treated pretty badly. Of course, I think it is a mixture of alot of things besides just school problems. In junior high I was picked on by this girl in a gang. At the time I was young and I took it pretty seriously. I was scared of going to school for awhile and would avoid it at any chance. I finally let it go and forgave her in my heart and moved on. I never sought any kind of revenge

3:24 PM  
Blogger kevin said...

I see what your saying and I agree with you. Ive seen a lot of different hazings and bullying throughout my years of schooling, but its unfortunate that some people feel it necesary to resort to that kind of behavior to "solve" their problem. There are some things in life that are hard to prevent even with all the precautions schools take now a days.

5:36 PM  

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