Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hunter's Top Ten Albums of 2006

There were lots of good albums released in 2006, but it is up to me to determine which make the cut for the TOP TEN.

10. Black Keys - Magic Potion
Akron, OH blues-rock that sounds a little like Hendrix mixed with Junior Kimbrough. Not as good as debut album Thickfreakness, but still worthy of your time.

9. Drag the River - It's Crazy
Alt-country band from Colorado. I normally do not like country, but this has just enough rock infused in it that I don't mind.

8. Tom Petty - Highway Companion
I have always thought of Tom Petty's music as being the perfect soundtrack to any roadtrip. Highway Companion, like all past albums, is best listened to while driving somewhere. anywhere.

7. Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
Whoa. Soul mixed with jazz mixed with hip-hop mixed with rock. The Violent Femmes cover is pretty cool, but that is not saying much because every song is great.

6. The Blow - Paper Television
Don't know a lot about this group. Female lead singer. I like 'em though.

5. Under the Influence of Giants - S/T
Comprised mostly of ex-Hometown Hero members. This cd has a dance-rock feel to it, and you will probably tap your toes when you listen to it. IF you listen to it. You probably should, though.

4. Ghostland Observatory - Paparazzi Lightning
Austin band that really has to be seen to believe. Listening to "Midnight Voyage" on your iPod really doesn't do them justice.

3. Teddybears Stockholm - Soft Machine
My favorite band out of Sweden for 2006. Have been in numerous commercials and TV shows, so you probably have already heard their music. Billy Idol does guest vocals on "Punkrocker."

2. Ratatat - Classics
Amazing sophomore album from this two-man band. These guys rock so hard your head might fall off. Saw them open for the Killers a few years back (they blew the Killers out of the water) and again at Emo's a month or two ago.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
This, I am afraid, was a no-brainer. Almost completely perfect, with the exception of a few filler tracks, but what do you expect on a double-album? Anthony Kiedis isn't God, people. He may be close, but he isn't there yet. Hopefully he will stay off heroin and there will be another notable release for the band in the future.

The Chili Peppers are coming to San Antonio on March 6th with Gnarls Barkley! Go to the show!